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A Photo Diary of Iceland’s Waterfalls

Iceland is home to an insane number of waterfalls – those that roll thunderously down the cliff side, those who dibble along the rock, and everything in between.

I found the waterfalls in Iceland to evoke varied sensations of wonder, isolation, comfort, and even fear.  It may sound silly, but each waterfall is special. Perhaps their uniqueness lies in the personality of the hidden folk who inhabit the individual falls; ripe with distinctive personalities, just like people.

While there are numerous lists ranking the top 10 waterfalls in Iceland, the best waterfall is the one in front of you. Besides, who needs another list?!


Tucked off Ring Road is West Iceland and the magical Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Steeped in history of the Icelandic Sagas and an active community of Hidden Folk, the stories and waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes.

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Waterfalls in the mist off the coast of Arnarstapi


A secluded peninsula jutting into the Denmark Sea, the West Fjords and its waterfalls offer a quiet escape. Waterfalls and sheep dominate the region and can be found everywhere along the protruding rocks.

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Full of heavy hitters, the north rivals the south when it comes to popular waterfalls. The energy coming from these majesties dominates the surrounding landscape.  



The dreamy east fjords create a quaint atmosphere that permeates to the region’s waterfalls.  In the south, it is essential to visit the popular waterfalls before 10:00 to ensure that the magic is not drowned by the throngs of travelers.

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A view of mountain waterfalls in Seyðisfjörður

If you weren’t already planning a trip to Iceland to chase waterfalls, I bet you are now! There are many fabulous waterfalls to experience at close range.

Can’t get enough of Iceland? Need some tips for planning your next adventure to get close to Icelandic waterfalls? I got you!

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